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Dry Vodka Martini {with 3 Olives}


It’s Friday! Do you know what that means? Well, for me, it’s the end of a long work week and the beginning of a relaxing, stress-free weekend. This usually starts by spending an evening with my family unwinding from the non-stop craziness of the week. So, to celebrate Friday’s and the warm summer nights, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite refreshing cocktails with you. First up, I’d like to honor the Olive — you see for some reason olives have been on my mind, so for me there’s nothing better than shaking up a tasty Dry Vodka Martini, with three olives of course!
Dry Vodka Martini, with 3 Olives

1 splash dry Vermouth
2 oz. Vodka (good quality, chilled)
Green Olives

Put about a handful of ice in your shaker and add a splash of Vermouth and shake until well blended. Open shaker and pour out ice and Vermouth. You see, you only just want a hint of Vermouth left in the shaker. Then re-fill your shaker full with ice, add the Vodka and shake vigorously until really cold. Take the top off your shaker and strain into a martini class. Pearce 3 olives through a small cocktail skewer and place into the martini. Serve immediately.

Now chill out from the week with this incredibly refreshing and classic cocktail.



4 thoughts on “Dry Vodka Martini {with 3 Olives}

  1. no fair … you’re off and making martinis and it’s just past Noon … and that is some big martini …. you go Sheila!

  2. Oh, boy, I remember all those Martini’s! so good. have a good weekend. Love, Mom xxx

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