Cotton Candy Daiquiri

Hey -- do you know what today is? It's National Daiquiri Day! So to honor this classic cocktail I created a fun and refreshing Cotton Candy Daiquiri to share with you! Cotton candy in a cocktail? Oh yes. I decided to put my spin on this drink by celebrating both National Daiquiri Day and the 161st anniversary of the California State… Continue reading Cotton Candy Daiquiri


Lemon Lime Margarita

What are you doing this weekend? For me, my mom is coming up for a visit -- and for her I'll probably whip up a delicious meal and some type of decadent dessert! I'll also be running around getting the last-minute things for my son as he starts Middle School next week! Yikes, can't believe… Continue reading Lemon Lime Margarita


Dry Vodka Martini {with 3 Olives}

It's Friday! Do you know what that means? Well, for me, it's the end of a long work week and the beginning of a relaxing, stress-free weekend. This usually starts by spending an evening with my family unwinding from the non-stop craziness of the week. So, to celebrate Friday's and the warm summer nights, I… Continue reading Dry Vodka Martini {with 3 Olives}