What's for Dinner?, Whole30

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken with Lime Cauliflower Rice {Whole30}

A warm, satisfying and healthy meal of succulent slow cooked Mexican Chicken over zesty Lime Cauliflower Rice. OK, you caught me! I do have healthy recipes on this blog! It's not really a secret how much I love sweets, hence the name and reason for this blog. However, recently I have been trying to incorporate… Continue reading Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken with Lime Cauliflower Rice {Whole30}


Skinny Spinach Frittatas

The perfect amount of eggs and veggies come together to create these tasty and perfectly cooked, Skinny Spinach Frittatas. Simply put, this is definitely breakfast made easy. If I had one of those "Easy" buttons, I would be pressing on that about a million times! And, if you are like me, always struggling to find… Continue reading Skinny Spinach Frittatas

Frozen Dessert

Banana Strawberry Sorbet {dairy free}

Frozen bananas and strawberries come together to form this must have sweet treat for the summer! This frozen dessert could not be any easier. It literally takes only two ingredients and minutes to prepare. It's great to eat during the summertime, or really any time of year when you want something sweet. Not only will… Continue reading Banana Strawberry Sorbet {dairy free}