Bars & Brownies, Snacks

Brownie S’mores

Extend your love of the summer with these simple and sweet Brownie S'mores! They are perfect as an after school snack or to pack in your lunch for an afternoon treat at the office! Kids and adults alike will love them! Can you believe that it's almost the end of the summer? Me neither! And… Continue reading Brownie S’mores

No Bake Desserts, Snacks

Butterfinger Muddy Buddies

Get ready for a sweet weekend with a handful or two of these scrumptious Butterfinger Muddy Buddies! It's hard to believe I had never heard of Muddy Buddies until recently. Many people say that this sweet treat was one of their childhood favorites...I wish it had been one of mine! Seems like I missed out on… Continue reading Butterfinger Muddy Buddies

Cakes, Snacks

Retro Twinkie Snack Cakes

Twinkies, the light and creamy sponge cakes are making a comeback! Yep, it’s true! Have you seen them on your favorite grocery store's shelves yet? I’ve heard that they will be gracing ours today. To tell the truth, I was never really a big fan of the Twinkie but my family loved those tasty little… Continue reading Retro Twinkie Snack Cakes