Homemade Amaretto

Hunker down during the winter storms with this warming and wonderful Homemade Amaretto!

Homemade Amaretto

Yep, we are preparing for the worst storm since 2008. In California we defiantly need the rain, however treacherous storms are another thing. Last week we had a “mild” storm. Freeways were overrun with water, streets flooded, and creeks reached the tipping level. And the commute, well, let’s just say it was a nightmare.

By tomorrow morning, the next big storm in 6 years will be upon us. Not something I am looking forward to. The winds will be high and shake and rattle our home, the rain will be heavy and probably non-stop, the power may be null (got our emergency preparedness kit ready) and the deluge will wreak havoc on all travelers.

We have been preparing by clearing out the gutters, putting away our outdoor furniture, securing our fences, and making sure we have plenty of firewood, batteries, water, non perishable food, and cash! And good thing we have a gas stove!!!

So, on a night like tonight the best thing to do is cozy up with your family and sip on this amazing Homemade Amaretto as you weather the storm!

Homemade Amaretto

You see, when I first told my husband I was going to make my own amaretto, he thought I was crazy. He stated, “Why would you want to go through all that trouble?”

Silly boy…he just does not get it. I usually only make things that are simple to prepare with hopefully a great outcome! And what he didn’t know was how simple this delectable drink is to make!

And the flavor…oh my! Absolutely divine!

Now, I have always loved amaretto. DeSorrano was my favorite. I remember my parents serving this at parties when I was a kid. I loved the bottle it came in and as I became of drinking age, the nutty flavored stuff was one of my go-to after dinner drinks.

The warmth of the aroma and flavor will immediately put you at ease. It’s great to serve straight-up, over ice or mixed hot chocolate to make even your toes tingle!

Ok, it can be a bit pricy to make due to the fact that you have to use a whole bottle of vodka. But you can always get some that is on sale, or even some stores (like Raley’s) give you 30% off when you buy 6 bottles of any type of liquor (you can mix your selection with wines and hard alcohol).

Let me tell you, once you make this Amaretto, you may not reach for that beautiful bottle in the store any more! I brought this as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving and was told it was better than that super pricey stuff; they were impressed and so was I.

Homemade Amaretto

Homemade Amaretto

2 cups granulated sugar
1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
1 cup water
1  bottle (750 ml.) your favorite vodka
4 oz. pure almond extract
2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

In a large heavy bottom pot, add sugars and water and cook over medium heat until sugars are dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool.

When cool, add vodka and extracts and stir until combined.

Using a funnel, pour amaretto into bottles and seal. Note, this made enough to fill approximately two 28 oz. glass bottles.


Get yourself ready for the storm by preparing a bottle or two of this nutty Homemade Amaretto.

Hello Winter — hello rain!



{recipe adapted from About Food}


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