Remembering Dan…

My heart sank last week when my best friend told me that her ex-husband had passed away. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered Dan — he left us way too soon. You see I had known her ex much longer than she did. Dan was the boy who lived down the street from me when I was growing up. When I moved into our tree-lined neighborhood he was the cool one. Dan had an amazing aura, was super creative, had a fabulous personality and was friends with everyone!Red-Sailboat-LG
Over the years, we hung out with some of the same kids, and then towards the end of high school he began dating my best friend. They eventually got married and had two beautiful children – first a girl then a boy. Since then the kids have grown into amazing young adults. They behold some of his same qualities – strong family values, unending love, a gentle kindness, very generous nature and amazingly creative. Dan worked with his hands, was a talented artist, a natural athlete in probably every sport he tried, and loved golf with a passion. He was also a proud father and loved his kids with all of his heart! We all had some incredible times together and I am honored to say he was my friend and I will never forget him.

Even though I had not seen Dan in many years, the fond memories I have of him will carry on in my heart forever. I will always remember him as the boy with an infectious personality and fun nature who lived down the street who married my best friend, and who was the wonderful father to his two children. Just thinking back about Dan and his warm smile brings a little sunshine to my dark day.  I wish him peace. And I hope my best friend, her kids, and all of his family and friends will find comfort in the happy memories they have of Dan. Live life to the fullest – just like he did.

Please know I am with you in spirit today as you celebrate Dan’s life. Live each day as it was the last, love with all of your heart, work hard, play hard and keep the ones most important to you closest to your heart.

I hope that you are sailing off to a wonderful adventure — I will miss you Dan. xxoo always,


p.s. Artwork: Red Sailboat, by Patricia McCaron (my mom)


13 thoughts on “Remembering Dan…

  1. I am so sorry to hear the bad news. 😦 I know how it feels to lose someone very dear to you. May he rest in peace. By the way, the artwork is very beautiful.

      1. I am not an artist and I can’t even draw a simple house like the kids do, but I adore people who can paint or just even make a good drawing. Anyway, I am looking forward to that. 😉

  2. what a wonderful tribute to Dan. I cried all over again. I can still see him standing on my deck in Burlingame -graduation prom -wearing his white tux, white tall hat and cane! what a doll! Mr. Personality. Years later at his house in Rohart Park, he said he didn’t remember me, but was really comfortable with me. Yes, Dan and I were always comfortable together. I always hoped I had a little of Dan in me.
    God bless you Dan. You are in heaven with the angels smiling. Lots of Love, Mom xxx

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. He sounds like an amazing man; it’s such a shame he was taken early. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your friend, his children, and the rest of his loved ones.

  4. Sheila we missed you today. Very nice tribute you wrote forDan. So many people spoke of Dan’s kindness and willingness to give a hand. He was truly larger than life.

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