The Perfect Cappuccino

I don’t know how he does it, I am not the expert, but my husband has made me the most delicious and eye-opening cappuccino every morning since the day we were married.  The only days he does not make my coffee, is when he is traveling for business.  These are the days I dread as when I get up in the morning I stumble and fumble around attempting to make my wonderful cup of Joe, and of course, I fail!   I can barely get the hang of doing the “shot” of espresso, and the steaming and foaming the milk, well forget it.  I may be a good baker and cook, but my husband is the all time best at making my morning cappuccino.
The Perfect Cappuccino
I do love my coffee in the morning, but my husband is neurotic about having a perfect cup each and every day.  To him, you should strive to make the best you possibly can.  Many years ago my husband wanted to get a new espresso maker.  The one he had been using was a manual “press” style La Pavoni, and well he was ready to go to the next level.  I remember thinking, why do we need something so fancy, but he insisted that this new machine, a Pasquini espresso machine, would produce the best “crema” (don’t really even know what that is), and thus the best espresso one could ever imagine. After purchasing the machine, we even had to go to special training for just how to use this new fangled machine.  I for some reason was called out of our training with some work emergency.  Needless to say, I never did learn how to make the perfect cappuccino, latte, or what whatever type of coffee you desire!  I guess that’s a good thing, as every morning, no matter what time I need to get up (and usually its early, around 5AM), my husband greets me with a smile and a perfectly pressed and amazingly good cappuccino!

I don’t have a recipe here, as I could not even imagine how to make or reproduce my husband’s delectable cappuccino.  All I know is that he grinds the best coffee beans to the perfect texture with a high-end grinder, packs the grounds into the protafilter, and out comes the most beautiful brown espresso topped with that rich aromatic crema.  Then he steams and foams the milk to perfection, pours in the espresso and tops it with cocoa powder.

Here is what is written on the side of our machine: For music Puccini, For Art Bernini, For Espresso Pasquini. Ah, so true!

Thanks babe for spoiling me with a perfect cappuccino every day!


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