Blogging: My First Three Months!

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I finally got up enough courage to push the publish button so that my very first post would go live!  I have had so much fun blogging my recipes and little snippets of my life with you!  I have loved finding and following bloggers and being part of a wonderful blogging community. I  have drooled over some absolutely amazing recipes, been in awe of beautifully stunning photos, and laughed as well as found comfort in the stories I have read all done by fabulous bloggers that are so creative, inspiring and truly have a way with words!

So I would like to say Thank You to each of my followers, viewers, and fellow bloggers that have connected with me. Baking is my passion and being able to share my recipes with you to enjoy makes what I do that much sweeter! Thank you for your support, advice and wealth of knowledge! To my friends and family, thank you for your encouragement to follow my dreams. And to my two biggest fans, my husband (king taste tester) and my son (pickiest taste tester ever) thank you for being patient with me when we have to pause before we get to eat our mouth-watering meal or scrumptious dessert so that I can take a photo! Thanks also to my mom for reading each and every post and not only commenting on them but also actually trying out the recipes!

Here is a recap of my favorite posts from the past 3 months I’d like to share with you again…

Again, I am so happy to share my recipes with you! I look forward to continuing my sweet journey and growing and learning as I go!  Thanks again to everyone, and that means you!


4 thoughts on “Blogging: My First Three Months!

  1. fabulous story and words-loved all the recipes, keep up the good work-how I loved to bake cakes and pies! Now I’m just having fun following yours. Lots of Love, Mom xxx Love you

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