Lemon Orange Margarita

Greet dad at the door with this fabulous and refreshing Lemon Orange Margarita!  This is super easy to make and it’s a perfect accompaniment to any lunch or dinner that you may whip up for your special dad, husband or brother…and it’s even better served with a yummy Mexican dish such as Fast & Fabulous GuacamoleSkirt Steak Nachos, Green Chicken Enchilada Cups, or Cilantro Lime Sauce over Gilled Swordfish.
Lemon Orange Margarita
Lemon Orange Margarita

1 can (12 fl oz) frozen lemonade concentrate, such as Minute Maid, defrosted
(keep can as you will use to measure other ingredients)
1 can orange juice
1 can water
1 can lemon-lime soda, such as 7-up
1 can tequila, can be adjusted to your liking
1 lemon sliced
1 orange sliced

In a pitcher mix all liquid ingredients and stir.  Add lemon and orange slices and refrigerate for 1-2 hours until well chilled.

To serve, fill glass with ice, pour margarita and garnish with 1 slice of each the lemon and orange.

This really is quite the tasty cocktail!  You could even leave out the tequila for a refreshing beverage for your kids too!  So now I raise my frosty glass to cheer my dad and my husband for being great dads!  Happy Father’s Day! xxoo


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