Bars & Brownies

Valentine M&M Cookie Bars

Love is in the air this time of year! So get some sweet love baking in your oven with these decadent Valentine M&M Cookie Bars. You see, I decided to give those traditional magic cookie bars a pink and pretty makeover to celebrate the month of love. As these bake, the amazing aromas will fill your home… Continue reading Valentine M&M Cookie Bars

Bars & Brownies

Butterfinger Heart Brownies

Be still my heart!  In my mind, there's nothing that screams Valentine's Day more than anything and everything heart-shaped. So get ready to take a bite of these scrumptious Butterfinger Heart Brownies and you'll fall in love all over again! Have I mentioned to you that I love hearts? It's true. And over the years… Continue reading Butterfinger Heart Brownies