Bars & Brownies

Lunch Lady Brownies

Get ready to sink your teeth into these decadent Lunch Lady Brownies! Strange name for a brownie, eh? Well, ever since I began seeing these brownies popping up all over Pinterest, I wanted to give them a try. I was intrigued by the name. I thought back to my school days, and was positive that… Continue reading Lunch Lady Brownies

Bars & Brownies

Valentine M&M Blondies

Spread the love with these pretty Valentine M&M Blondies! If you didn't know it already, I love the color pink. And anytime I can incorporate any variation of this sweet color into my baking, I do (as you may have noticed a bit of pink on this blog). And to me, Valentine's Day is the… Continue reading Valentine M&M Blondies

Bars & Brownies

Peppermint Bark Cookie Bars

Visions of peppermint and chocolate all wrapped up as pretty Peppermint Bark Cookie Bars! Yes. Peppermint and chocolate is a favorite combination of mine -- and add the color pink, well, I'm over the moon about these bars! Not only are they amazingly easy on the eyes, the scent alone will make you swoon, and… Continue reading Peppermint Bark Cookie Bars