Thanks for visiting my Sweet Baked Life.  I started this blog as an outlet to communicate my love for baking, cooking and other sweet happenings in my life and I am so very happy to share my posts, photos and recipes with you.  I look forward to hearing from you, especially if you’ve tried out and loved one of my recipes!
Please note that all the content, photos and graphics, and some of the recipes (unless otherwise noted) on Sweet Baked Life are mine and are subject to copyright.  If you would like to use one of my own recipes on your blog, please do so, but please give me credit and link back to my site.  If you would like to use any of my photos, please ask me first.
For questions, comments or use permission, please e-mail me at sweetbakedlife{at}gmail{dot}com.  Please note that because of my busy work schedule, it may take up to 24 hours to get back to you. Or fill out the form below.



Thanks and here’s to living the sweet life!



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  1. Hi There! I wanted to try a different spin on lemon bars so I am excited to try your recipe with the condensed milk. I see you are posting a lot of fun summer desserts. If you ever need to frost a cake etc. I have a new spin on frosting that is much lighter for hot summer days. Try using your favorite flavor of instant pudding and mix it with 1 cup milk and 1 cup heavy cream, whip until stiff. Thanks again for the recipes!! Enjoy, Theresa~

  2. Thanks for adapting that Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Butter Bar recipe to fit the Trader Joe’s jar of pumpkin butter! You took all the guess work out, and make the dessert a snap to make. I tried your recipe, swapping the yellow cake mix with a spice cake- really great! My pics and take on it all are going up on my blog, full credit to you. Happy Cooking!!

  3. Hi…

    Today I am going to make your Lemon Rasberry Anniversary Cake! Can you please tell me the substitutes for the tapioca flour?!

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