Chocolate Chip Toffee Ice Cream Bites

Today is a super sweet day because it’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  And there’s nothing better than celebrating this day with some scrumptious Chocolate Chip Toffee Ice Cream Bites. These small yet tasty treats are quick and easy to make and not only that, your family will love ’em! The smooth, rich vanilla ice cream covered by soft-baked chocolate chip cookies and surrounded with crunchy toffee bits is truly heavenly! Your taste buds will dance with delight with every delectable bite of these sweet morsels!
Chocolate Chip Toffee Ice Cream Bites

1 package soft baked chocolate chip cookies (you’ll use about 24 cookies)
1 container vanilla ice cream (store-bought or homemade)
1 package Heath Toffee Bits

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Put 12 cookies (flat side up) onto the lined cookie sheet

Place one generous scoop of ice cream on top of each cookie. Then top each with another cookie (flat side down). Gently press the top cookie down a bit.

Place in the freezer until firm (or overnight). Add the Heath Toffee BIts to a small bowl. Remove cookies from freezer and gently roll the ice cream side of each cookie in the Heath Toffee Bits. When complete with all, place tray back in freezer to firm up the cookie bites.

These are such an easy and fun little treat. Your friends and family will scream for more of these Chocolate Chip Toffee Ice Cream Bites!


Top ice cream with


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