Happy Mother’s Day to My Favorite Patty

Yes, as a matter of fact I do have a favorite Patty. And I especially like to celebrate this Patty on Mother’s Day!  You may ask, how do you make the perfect Patty?  Well, I’m not quite sure exactly, but over the years I have discovered the amazing ingredients that make my Patty absolutely delightful and will linger in your mind, heart and soul forever.  One thing I do know for sure is that if you’ve got a Patty like mine, well, you are very lucky!

To start with, my Patty is rich in spirit with just the right amount of juicy warm laughter.  My Patty has been raised from the finest stock resulting in the highest quality of character and has been aged to perfection.  My Patty is uniquely seasoned with wisdom and has an amazingly zesty appeal.  Combine my Patty with a medley of spirited imagination along with an artful arrangement and you can’t go wrong!

Me & My Patty!
Me & My Patty!

My Favorite Patty

Pounds and pounds of a pure & passionate heart
A cup or more of unconditional love
Tablespoons (the more the better) of kindness & generosity
Teaspoon of truth & a pinch of bravery
Yields one marvelous Mom

Start from an early age and hold on tight to the core of your Patty.  Gently combine all ingredients.  Take caution not to over mix as could become tough.  Store in your heart.  Will become seasoned with age.  Will travel well wherever you go and in whatever you do.  Check on a regular basis over the years to ensure ingredients are well preserved.  Note, may lose its shape, but will still be your favorite Patty. Will absolutely last a lifetime.

Now, just warning you, one cannot fully duplicate the recipe for my favorite Patty, simply because she is truly one of a kind. You will not find these ingredients at your favorite market as they come naturally, without question or hesitation. Throughout my life I have come to know my Patty and my appetite for her has grown fonder each day. She is comforting and satisfying no matter the situation. Patty has allowed me to become the woman and mother that I am today, for which I am tremendously thankful!  My Patty’s special qualities and the way I cherish her have developed into the perfect combination, without a bun, just simply mother and daughter.

Patty thanks for being a true original and for being my deliciously inspiring mom!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  I love you!  xxoo


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