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Cookies n’ Cream Oreo Ice Box Cake {no-bake}

Todays news...sunny with a chance of Oreos! If you're still feeling stuck between the summer and fall now is the perfect time to whip up this lip-smacking Cookies n' Cream Oreo Ice Box Cake. Make it rain with cookies in your kitchen and hopefully the door to fall will soon open wide! So last weekend I… Continue reading Cookies n’ Cream Oreo Ice Box Cake {no-bake}

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Oreo Truffles

Simplicity is my word of the month. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I've got to keep my recipes super easy and simple to make. These Oreo Truffles are just that. They only take a few ingredients, there is no baking required, and the outcome is pure Oreo heaven! Oreo Truffles 1… Continue reading Oreo Truffles

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Oreo Cookies n’ Toffee Crunch Trifle

It's finally here -- SUMMER!  You know what that means? Lots of cool and refreshing desserts to whip up during the hot summer months that are quick, no-bake and oh so yummy!  And since my husband and son love Oreo cookies I wanted to make an over-the-top summer dessert that incorporated these delicious chocolate-cream filled… Continue reading Oreo Cookies n’ Toffee Crunch Trifle