Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Cake

Get ready to dig into this delightfully magical Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Cake! Throw on some green clothes, turn on that Celtic music and do a little jig as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making this wonderful cake. Well, at least it would be fun to make a cake this way! And for me,… Continue reading Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Cake

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Robin’s Nest Coconut Chocolate Bites

Look what's about to hatch just in time for Easter! It's these adorable Robin's Nest Coconut Chocolate Bites which taste simply incredible and will remind you of a beautiful springtime day! So get ready for a happy adventure as you pop a few of these morsels into your mouth -- your taste buds will do somersaults over the gooey decadent chocolate ganache… Continue reading Robin’s Nest Coconut Chocolate Bites