Pink and Chocolate Cake

Time to welcome the month of love with this pretty Pink and Chocolate Cake! Or for me, just another reason to make something drool worthy using the color pink! But really, I don't need a special day or month just for that! I try to incorporate my favorite color into my recipes as much as… Continue reading Pink and Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Buttercream Frosted Chocolate Cake

Simplicity at its best -- this easy Chocolate Buttercream Frosted Chocolate Cake is no exception! For me, cakes are all about the frosting! Do you know what I mean? The thick, rich stuff that engulfs a fluffy cake is, and has always been my downfall! What about for you? So, if you're craving smooth and decadent… Continue reading Chocolate Buttercream Frosted Chocolate Cake


Cold Chocolate Fudge Cake

Decadent, dark and darn delicious, this Cold Chocolate Fudge Cake is like a big, thick brownie frosted with chocolate ganache! Did I say divine? Well, I should have! Because this cake is all that and out-of-this-world I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!!! For some reason, I seem to be on a chocolate kick these days! Not really sure why as I… Continue reading Cold Chocolate Fudge Cake