Cherry Slab Pie

Tradition with a twist; sweet cherries surrounded by flaky pie crust, baked in a sheet pan and drizzled with a lemony glaze becomes a tasty Cherry Slab Pie - perfect for any summertime celebration. As I drive through the streets in my neighborhood, American flags are proudly swaying in the ever so gentle breeze. Families… Continue reading Cherry Slab Pie


Baked Doughnuts

These Baked Doughnuts are the perfect weekend breakfast treat! Or if you are like my husband and son, doughnuts are good just about any day of the week! And if you are tired of getting up early on the weekend to venture out to your local doughnut shop to spend your cold hard cash on… Continue reading Baked Doughnuts

Awards, Life

Honored: Best Moment Award and Sunshine Award

I was totally surprised last night when I jumped on my blog and noticed that I received two blog awards! Wow, what an honor – and mind you, these are my very first awards, so getting two in one day is amazing! So, thank you very much Jhuls, from The Not So Creative Cook, for… Continue reading Honored: Best Moment Award and Sunshine Award